Bullion Coatings Wins Decorative Concrete Contractor’s Wow Award for 2019

SawMill Rec Center Splash Pad

We take great pride in the our craftsmanship and the work we put in to each and every project we handle here at Bullion Coatings by Sundek. We were extremely thankful and humbled to have been among the winners of the coveted "WOW" award from the American Society of Concrete Contractors for our Splash Pad project done at the SawMill Lake Rec Center.

This project features Sundek Classic Texture and Sundek SunCoat on a splash pad was the creative design of the TBG Partners in Houston. The design was to use an array of colors and patterns to mimic the swamps of Louisiana with the stars reflecting in the water. The splash pad had to live up to the neighborhood it was built in, the prestigious community of Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, Texas. TGB Partners took over a year designing the recreation center which included the splash pad. TBG Partners, partnered with Bullion Coatings to make an elegant design a reality. The design consisted of fourteen custom colors, 400 stars, six-star constellations, three template trees, 4 color on the "grass" area and a 4-color template moon. Bullion Coatings and Sundek was ultimately specified on the project.

Working the general contractor, Millis Development and Construction, Bullion Coatings was on a tight timeline to finish. Bullion Coatings was set to start the project the week after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, although, Houston experienced the worst natural disaster in its history, work had to continue. Bullion Coatings crews arrived to three inches of mud on the splash pad with 15 days to finish. It took 6 days to lay-out and texture the exact design and from the TBG Partners architectural plans. The remaining 9 days were spent meticulously applying the 14 custom colors. Throughout the 15 days of install we encountered 3 days of rain. The project was completed on time and to the architectural specifications. The splash pad design was one of a kind and TBG Partners wanted this Sienna Plantation splash pad to set a president for years to come. TBG Partners stated "turned out beyond our expectation this is why we spec'd and will continue to spec Bullion Coatings and Sundek".

Check Out The Award Details by following the below link.


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