What is concrete floor refinishing?

Concrete floor refinishing is when you apply a decorative coating to the top of existing concrete, transforming its look. Even though people typically associate decorative concrete or epoxy floors with the outdoors, they're a great eco-friendly solution for indoor flooring. In addition to being allergen free, they're also easy to clean.

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What types of floors can SUNDEK of Houston resurface?

We can resurface floors anywhere! Here are some spaces where we commonly install coatings.

  • Commercial Concrete
    We have installed floors at various commercial locations from retail stores to waterparks and everything in between.
  • Industrial Flooring
    The floors of industrial spaces need to be durable, and our coatings can withstand everything from chemical spills to the weight of heavy machinery (we’ve even installed coatings at airport hangars).
  • Restaurant & Retail
    A durable floor that’s slip resistant and easy to clean is a must for restaurant and retail spaces. We can provide that, and make the floor look beautiful, too.
  • Garage Flooring
    Our epoxy and polyaspartic floors are durable, providing the perfect surface for storing heavy machinery and equipment. It can also stand up to things like oil spills and impact from heavy tools being dropped on it.
  • Residential Floors
    Since decorative concrete floors are easy to clean and you can customize them to fit any style, homeowners love them. Another plus is that they are allergen-free.

Note: Sometimes customers ask us about cement floors. To clarify, cement is an ingredient in concrete. Concrete is a combination of cement, water, and aggregates.

What designs are possible with concrete resurfacing?

When resurfacing existing concrete floors, the design options are limitless. We have numerous patterns, textures, and colors available (see more about stained concrete). Also, if there’s a particular material you really like—such as wood, brick, tile, or others—we can mimic that look with stamped concrete. In residences, we can create a concrete floor that features the logo of your favorite sports team. At commercial properties, we can include your company logo on the floor.

What is maintenance like on a SUNDEK coating system?

Our clients are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to care for a SUNDEK flooring system. First of all, the most important aspect to an easy-to-maintain surface is sealing it. Our high-quality sealers will protect your surface from general wear and tear, fading, spills (from things ranging from oil to chemicals), and more. You can read more about sealing concrete.

General maintenance includes removing dust and other debris from the surface as needed, or at least every few weeks. Remove spills as you see them. For stains that are hard to remove, check out our maintenance guide.

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