Hard Water Deposits, Rust, Soil, Plant, Wood Stains

Regularly clean you SUNDEK surface by hosing it off and using a squeegee or push broom to remove standing water. This is the most effective method of minimizing these stains. If stains begin to appear, clean the area with Lime Away, Whink, or a commercial descaler and rinse well.

Heavier mineral deposits require more aggressive procedures such as a light acid wash.

  • Mix Muriatic acid solution. (20-40% acid to water) Always add acid to water not water to acid.
  • Dampen the surface with a mist of water. Do not apply acid to dry surface.
  • Apply acid solution to damp surface with plastic sprayer or sprinkler can.
  • Lightly scrub deck with a deck broom until the solution stops "fizzing."
  • When the fizzing activity stops, it is a sign that the acid has finished working. Do not allow solution to dry!
  • Rinse off solution with high-pressure nozzle.
  • Use a squeegee or deck broom to remove any excess water.
  • Neutralize with soda ash, baking soda or TSP—scrub lightly.
  • Rinse thoroughly and squeegee or broom off water.

Heavy deposits may require additional treatments and possibly a stronger acid to water ratio.

CAUTION: Always wear protective eye and skin wear when working with any acid solution. Follow safety guidelines printed on containers including use of proper respirator.

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