Mildew & Algae

This type of stain usually occurs in shaded locations where water puddles exist. If treated early, mildew and algae can easily be removed.

  • Mix 50% pool chlorine to water.
  • Apply directly onto affected area with plastic sprayer or sprinkler can.
  • Lightly scrub the chlorine solution over the affected area.
  • Allow the solution to soak without drying.
  • Rinse the area completely when the solution has stopped reacting.
  • Squeegee or broom water from deck.

Stubborn deposits require soaking with a more concentrated solution and moderate scrubbing.

  • Apply concentrated solution of citrus-based cleaner with sprinkler can.
  • Spread the solution over the area with a deck broom.
  • Allow the solution to soak without drying.
  • Completely scrub the area.
  • Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure nozzle.
  • Squeegee or broom off water.

High-traffic areas may require repeated applications for maximum results.

The best maintenance tip for black tire marks is to hose and clean the area on a regular basis to prevent a heavy build up of rubber and asphalt residue. Other good cleaners that can be used include Simple Green, Nature's Orange, Amway LOC or TSP.

  • Freeze with dry ice or CO2 type fire extinguisher and chip off with putty knife.
  • Spray remaining residue with Disolvit or Goof Off.
  • Scrape off with putty knife.
  • Clean area with citrus-based cleaner or equivalent.
  • Rinse off any remaining residue.

Paint that is spilled or sprayed on SUNDEK should be quickly wiped up with a cloth. If the paint has dried, the affected area can be touched up with SUNDEK Finish Coat. Apply as you would water-based paint. Heavy paint-globs must be scraped off prior to applying the SUNDEK Finish Coat.

Do not use paint removers! These will damage the SUNDEK finish.

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