Frisbee Golf Course Gets Decorative Concrete Coatings

SUNDEK of Houston resurfaced 18 pads of concrete for a course in Sugar Land, Texas, creating a pretty, safe, and durable surface for frisbee golfers to use for many years.
SUNDEK of Houston resurfaced 18 concrete pads to create a decorative surface for frisbee golf pads at a course in Sugar Land, TX.

When Chris Vanderbilt, owner and founder of Gorilla Disc Golf, was working on the design for a frisbee golf course in Sugar Land, Texas, he reached out to SUNDEK of Houston about giving each pad a decorative surface. In addition to wanting something that looks great, Vanderbilt had a couple more requirements: the surface of each pad needed to be slip-resistant, and they would also need to be durable enough to withstand the elements and years of use. SUNDEK delivered on all fronts.

Steve Mergler, SUNDEK of Houston’s Sales Representative, and his team worked to create a sample for Vanderbilt: a brick pattern around the border, created using SunStamp, and colored with a stain, SunH20 in Antique Moss.

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For the area inside the border, which had a broom finish that was completed by a different contractor, the crew planned to put down an epoxy primer and a solid color, Pure Gray, in SUNDEK’s signature finish.

As far as projects go, the square footage for this one might be fairly small at around 330 square feet total—but because there are 18 total frisbee golf pads, “there were 18 mini projects to complete,” says Steve. He and his team planned to complete the project in two phases: nine pads for each phase.

During the first phase of the project, the SUNDEK of Houston team faced a variety of hurdles that made completing each of these pads quite a challenge. Going in, SUNDEK knew that they wouldn’t have access to water or electricity, so they rented a water tank and generator for the project. The pads are located in a spot that’s inaccessible by vehicles, so crews had to hike—with all their equipment—about a quarter of a mile to the pads.

For the brick, SUNDEK used SunStamp to create the pattern. Bricks were stained using three layers of SunH2O in Antique Moss. SUNDEK crews hand painted the area between each brick to really make the color stand out.

SUNDEK was aware of these challenges going into the project. What they didn’t anticipate, though, was that the combination of the ground being soggy from massive rainstorms and the heavy weight of tanks and generators would lead to their trucks getting stuck in the mud and needing to be towed out.

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An additional roadblock was the many rainstorms that pummeled the area during their project window, causing quite a few delays. Many non-rainy days were unfortunately foggy, making it difficult to see. On top of it all, the project site was in the vicinity of a pond which is home to many ducks who frequently came and left a mess on top of the concrete pads.

During the first phase of the project, while completing the first pad, the client decided they wanted a richer tone for the bricks. To enhance the color, SUNDEK applied an additional coat. Wanting an even richer color, the client requested one more coat and was very pleased with the result. Moving forward with the 17 other pads, SUNDEK applied three coats of Antique Moss.

To really make the color pop, they also hand-painted the white lines in between each brick. “Hand painting is pretty tedious,” notes Steve, noting that they had to mask off each brick so the white paint wouldn’t end up on them.

Finally, to protect the surface from wear and tear, the elements, and years of use, SUNDEK applied a concrete sealer in a matte finish, broadcasting an aluminum oxide anti-slip additive on top.

With all the hurdles, including rain delays, ducks, decreased visibility, and a site that wasn’t easily accessible, the first phase of the project took several weeks to complete. Taking their experiences from the first phase, and with better weather, they were able to complete the second phase in just one week.

Although there were many difficult moments along the way, SUNDEK of Houston completed surfaces for 18 eye-catching frisbee golf pads. Not only are they unique looking, the pads are also slip-resistant and will last for many years despite all the use they’ve already had and will continue to get.

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