Stamped Concrete Patterns that Mimic Slate, Flagstone, Wood, Brick and More

For this residential patio in Sugarland, TX, we created the look of limestone using stamped concrete to create a natural look.

With concrete the design possibilities are endless. An experienced contractor can use stamped concrete patterns to create just about any look or texture you desire. When you work with a reputable contractor such as SUNDEK of Houston, you can choose from a variety of premade stamps or create custom stamps.

How does stamped concrete work?

For this storefront entrance, we created an Old World look by mimicking the look of cobblestones with stamped concrete floors.

If you have an existing concrete surface, a contractor who works with coatings such as SUNDEK of Houston will prepare the surface, apply a coating, and then use a stamp to imprint a pattern. If you are starting from scratch, a stamp can be used to imprint a pattern on freshly poured concrete. Learn more about the basics of stamped concrete.

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What types of patterns can you create with concrete stamping?

With concrete stamps, you can choose from a wide variety of patterns and textures or customize a stamp to get exactly what you want. Below are just some of the ways you can use stamped concrete to get the right look for your space.

Mimic the look of materials you love. Customers are often amazed to learn that we can create the look of just about any material using stamps and a concrete coating.

A decorative concrete contractor can create the following patterns using stamp mats:

Ashlar slate
Wood planks
Seamless granite

Here are more stamping patterns popular for resurfacing patios, pool decks, or driveways:

  • Herringbone
  • Basketweave
  • European fan
  • Lone star
  • Running bond
  • Stone tile
  • Bluestone
  • Compass
  • Lotus
  • Borders

There are many perks to creating the look of a material rather than using the actual material for several reasons. Firstly, coatings are often more durable and can handle more wear and tear than the materials themselves. A concrete coating will last decades when cared for properly.

Additionally, coatings are often more cost effective than the actual material. In many cases, the cost of materials and labor to have a pathway laid using a material such as real brick is much more expensive than creating the look with a concrete coating and stamp. Concrete coatings are often much less expensive than the materials themselves—materials like natural stone can be very costly.

For this front entrance at a commercial property, we created the look of brick and also created an emblem with the state of Texas in front of the door using stamps.

Custom patterns and designs

Create a custom logo. Since they are customizable, stamps are often used to create logos. We have worked with clients who want the logo of their favorite sports team imprinted on their garage floor. Schools have wanted an image of their mascot on the gym floor. When you work with a stamped concrete contractor such as SUNDEK of Houston, we can also do color matching to get the right look. See SUNDEK concrete color charts.

Give your surface a specific texture. When people think about stamping, they often think of patterns, but stamps can be used to give a specific texture, too. You can even apply a texture to a surface with no joint lines. The right texture can really add to the aesthetics of a space.

Get artsy & creative. As previously mentioned, there are basically no limits to what types of patterns and textures you can create using stamps, so make sure to think about what you really want. Whether you want subtle leaf imprints on your patio, seashell imprints on your pool deck, or something else creative, an experienced contractor such as SUNDEK of Houston can make it happen.

Need help figuring out a design?

If you know you like the idea of stamped concrete but you’re not sure what exactly you want to do, we recommend browsing ideas online, in magazines, and around town. Save pictures of what you like to show your contractor.

A good contractor will come out to assess your site and discuss ideas with you. While it’s good to have ideas in mind, an experienced contractor can help you narrow down your ideas or help you determine what would look good in your space.

At this backyard patio in Katy, TX, we created the look of textured pavers using stamped concrete.

Other options for textured concrete

In addition to stamping, interesting textures can also be achieved with the following coating systems:

  • Classic Texture - the original spray texture overlay system
  • SunStone - architectural limestone concrete coating
  • Tuscan - custom hand-troweled texture effect

Who does stamped concrete in my area?

At SUNDEK of Houston, one of our favorite parts of the job is helping our client’s visions come to life. We have decades of experience in the area. We previously operated under the name Bullion Coatings, but we have always used SUNDEK products.

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